Have you been looking for  new way to make great money with usually easy hours? Bartending is the perfect job to work weekends or days off to make some extra cash. Bartending gigs can usually make $400 a night, Cash. Elite Bartending School Nashville can’t guarantee you a job but we can get you the skills you need to be successful. As well as build the confidence behind the bar that will make you feel like a seasoned bartender. Elite offers nation wide festival gigs, Such as the Super Bowl, Bonnaroo, EDC Vegas/Orlando, Ultra Miami, And many more. We Actually care about our students getting jobs so Elite offers lifetime memberships for any one who wishes to return and  freshen their skills behind the bar. Our goal is to make the best bartenders nation wide and have the best bartending jobs around. 1 Free Class for any one interested in checking out the program to see if Elite is right for you.


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